Roof Design

Roof Design

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Aesthetically, the way a roof is designed can have a major impact, on not only the architectural design, but also affect its functionality. If your premises are located in a region that is prone to cyclone or tornado, the roof should be adequately designed following local Building Codes to ensure it can withstand a minimum wind speed and rainfall. Choosing the right roof is an important decision for any homeowner when building a new house or retrofitting an existing one, as the roof not only protects a house and its occupants, but it also plays a defining role in the overall look and style of a house, as well as can provide such benefits as energy efficiency and long-term durability.

How to choose a roof design


A light coloured roof will make your roof look bigger and vice-versa. In rural areas, roof colours can also be matched to the surrounding landscape. When choosing colours though, it’s also important to know that dark colours will absorb the sun’s heat, while light colours will help to reflect it.


The roof needs to withstand weather elements such as rainfall, snow, strong winds and sunshine. If you live in a rainy region for instance, consider having a sloped system, which will reduce pooling. This is a major structural issue in roof construction.


A number of considerations will affect the cost of a new roof. The price of the material is the starting point, but other factors also must be considered. One is the condition of the existing roof if you are remodeling a houseā€”if old materials must be stripped off, and if the supporting structure needs repair, that will all cost money.

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