Roof Truss Manufacturing

Roof Truss Manufacturing

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The exact process for building these roof trusses varies depending on the manufacturer and the end product.Trussed rafters are individually designed components made from kiln-dried, strength-graded timber joined together with steel nail plates. Roof trusses form the stability and core for a roof of a home or commercial building. For roofs, the truss is being used to frame the actual shape itself. The truss is commonly pre-fabricated from wood and is what holds up the roof. However, there are a few basic steps that will stay the same regardless of where you are.


First things first: there needs to be a design in place for the truss before the building process can start. The manufacturer needs to know the exact application for which the truss is being made, how big it needs to be, where it is going to be supported and other important pieces of information. Then, the designer can create a truss that meets the requirements of the client and of local building codes.


Timber is selected according to size and grade specified on the cutting bills.  Each member of the truss is then pre-cut to the specified length and angles using cutting equipment specifically designed for the roof truss industry.


After all of the pieces for the trusses are cut, it’s time to put them together. The cut pieces of metal are inserted into the template created to make manufacturing easier. This ensures they match the design that has already been put in place. After this, the truss manufacturer puts the truss plates into place and prepares for the final step.


The designed nail plats are placed in position and a gantry mounted c-clamp hydraulic press is used to press the nail plates into the timber. In some cases, a timber template is used for assembly purposes, in which case the nail plates are pressed in using a roller press.

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